Rise + Shine.

Calling all you noble dreamers, you forward-thinking holistic entrepreneurs, you creative healers, conscious makers and community builders.

It is time to land – to come forward and express yourself more fully, to do it well + make it beautiful.

Stop acting small and hiding behind outdated graphics, an incomplete website, a horrendously chaotic inbox, and other clunky business tools that are just not working for you anymore.  Now is the time to put your ideals into practice, to invite beauty, efficiency, and simplicity into your business and life. The process is actually easy, playful and rewarding. You just focus on what you know and what you do best – I will help you with everything else, asking questions along the way, finding the best features and formats to fit your needs, and then voilá! Your business will be ready to greet the world anew – fully energized and empowered to heal those that need it most.


“I love the website. I visit it often and go through the pages and smile to myself at what a wonderful job you did at creating something that clearly portrays my abstract ideas in such a beautiful way. I am honored that you can share your passion and love with the work you create. It shows in all of the work you create, not just my work, but in all your projects however small or large.” -G.M.

“If you want to understand the entrepreneur, study the juvenile delinquent. The delinquent is saying with his actions, “This sucks. I’m going to do my own thing.” — Yvon Chouinard

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