Feet on the ground. Head in the sky.

Hi, my name is Ana – rhymes with banana.

I hail from the windy banks of the Rio de la Plata by way of dry-salted California. At university I majored in Art, finding myself most fulfilled in classes on literary criticism, zen buddhism, and portuguese for spanish speakers. Painting was great fun, too.

It’s been well over a decade since those days and now I find myself playing the role of the self-employed creative + conscious entrepreneur, part of a legion sworn to help others live their purpose while on the quest for their own salvation. I work from the comfort of my home and offer you my gifts and my heart via my trusty worn keyboard, my screens and many 1’s and 0’s.

I am a fan of efficiency and utilizing the best tools to facilitate better living/business’ing. Through my services I’m able to turn this innate interest into something of value for other entrepreneurs, providing you ways to maximize your efforts with the help of technology. Better living with robots or bust!

I’m a pragmatic creative, offering a professional and efficient approach with a mindful and artistic touch.

Creating beautiful order out of equally beautiful chaos is what I live for.

In my work, I enthusiastically dance between these opposing worlds of masculine / feminine, structure / flow, words / images, utility / aesthetic, hoping to offer you the best of both sides. Form indeed follows function.

I love to work with : People with a deep desire for global change, stepping up, speaking out, standing up for and doing what needs to be done in order to re-harmonize our communities, environment, the Earth and beyond. Deep thinkers-feelers. Action-oriented and empowered dreamers. Excellent communicators. Entrepreneurs connected to their value + purpose. People with an understanding of natural cycles and our place in them. Those with deep reverence for the Earth. Creators, teachers, and producers of information for new paradigm solutions, products, and services. Essentially, people that have transformed their own lives, minds, and hearts and are ready to share their lessons, gifts, talents with others to uplift all for the greater good.

I’m standing for conscious living, to the best of my capacity. I’m inspired by true response-ability, learning every day, generous friends, and heart-led work. I’m passionate about right livelihood for all, self-empowerment, compassion, understanding, equal opportunities, and environmental restoration. I live for honoring the sacred in the mundane, conscious creation + consumption, wholesome connection, and a win~win new paradigm and economy.

 “A person is a process of continual becoming […] The truth is that we are not solid things […] We are a process by which we are becoming more and more conscious, more and more aware, more and more able to use our free will to choose the kind of life we want to develop.” – Fred Kofman, Conscious Business