The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Below are the various services I’m currently offering in the realm of brand identities, web design + development, email kung fu and graphic design (web + print). If you have additional questions or would like to discuss a project, please simply contact me.

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Simple Brand Identity + Website Package

Ground your business into something real, beautiful and useful!

Through this journey we will co-create a simple visual brand for your business/project including logo, color palette, and typography. Once that’s done and we have your professional photos gathered, we will move onto the website – strategizing all of the features and functionalities needed to make it work best for you and your clients. I will then design & develop your new sacred web home, crafted to your exact needs and aesthetic. The site will be beautiful, easy to navigate, and custom designed to express your message in the clearest and most impactful way.

You’ll also receive a 100% custom training video at the end so that you are fully prepared to keep your site images and content up to date in the future.

I normally build sites on WordPress but we can also work with Squarespace, Shopify, BigCartel, etc. depending on your needs. Let’s talk!

12 week process

Website Monthly Back Up + Software Maintenance

Keep your new web home healthy and happy!

The best offense is a good defense, right? Well, the same is true for websites. I will back up your site on a monthly basis and update all of the software (themes, plugins, etc) so that it’s running at its best and is less vulnerable to hacks! I’m also able to catch and rectify any update or compatibility issues that may arise in the process. Don’t let all of the work put into making your website get thrown away – Hiring a professional to do site updates will save you many a headache and heartbreak! I can also make small changes to your text and image content if needed.

6 month process

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Ana’s approach is professional and informative. She’s very informative about all the available tools/ technology, but more importantly I found her ‘way of being” very helpful and anxiety reducing as she guided me through the process of expanding my reach.” – Chris H.

Inbox Kung Fu for Gmail

Master your email, master your life?

Talk about the sacred in the mundane… I’ll show you how to clean up a messy inbox in 6 steps using my proven tools + tricks and a mighty thing called discipline. You will learn proper email form to stay sane yet fully functional in the modern age.

6 weekly 30 min sessions

Miscellaneous Graphic Design

Ask and you shall receive.

I can help you create a variety of graphic items, for both web and print: labels, business cards, flyers, brochures, ads, book design, etc. Ideal for previous clients where we’ve already established your visual identity and brand message, but, if we haven’t worked together yet & you are equipped with those tools, reach out so we can discuss!

“The companies that are able to survive in different environments have a core identity that is not attached to their current business. They are able to ‘go with the flow’ so to speak. When environmental conditions change they’re able to adjust, find new fits, because the way they define themselves is not linked to any characteristic of the current markets. They define themselves as the capacity to learn, to grow, and to adapt. […] The same goes for people.” Fred Kofman, Conscious Business


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